How to choose your e liquid

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With literally thousands of different e liquids available it can be overwhelming to try and find the ones that are for you but first you need to know

 what is e liquid made of?

E Liquid is typically comprised of four ingredients

  • Propylene glycol
  • Vegetable glycerin
  • Artificial flavors
  • sometimes but not always nicotine

Here are the main topics we are going to discuss to help you decide which e liquid is best for you the ratio of propylene glycol to vegetable glycerin and the amount of nicotine

The base of any e liquid is comprised of VG and PG the ratio of VG to PG is often displayed on models of the liquid like this

So this e liquid bottle has 70% VG and 30% PG

Any e liquid with a higher PG content will typically have a more powerful feeling in your throat PG also vaporizes at a little bit of a lower temperature and is considered by many to deliver more flavor

Any liquid with a higher VG content is smoother and produces much less of a throat hit also it produces more vapor making larger clouds which can be fun

The nicotine strength of an e liquid is sometimes shown in percentages but it's typically shown in milligrams per milliliter like this

This bottle has 3 mg Nicotine

The nicotine content also effects the throat as discussed earlier the higher the nicotine content the more powerful There are many available strengths some are

  • 3 milligrams
  • 6 milligrams
  • 12 milligrams
  • 18 milligrams
  • 20 milligrams

A single traditional cigarette contains somewhere from 8 milligrams - 20 milligrams of nicotine but your body only absorbs about 1 milligram of that the amount of nicotine you get well beeping greatly depends on how much paper your device is producing

As a general rule the smaller the device the less vape it's going to produce for instance if your vaping using a single like or a similar small device 12 milligrams is probably fine

However if your vaping using a larger device like a box mod 6 milligrams or even 3 milligrams might be a better fit the important thing is to adjust accordingly to the strength that feels right for you flavors there are hundreds if not thousands of different flavors available really the only way to figure out

What flavor is best for you is to just try them and see which ones you like best you can click here to see our flavours

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